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Teneo Partners Japan Limited (“Teneo Partners”) offers an array of distribution and marketing solutions for asset managers looking to raise capital from Japanese investors. We provide three principal service offerings.

Comprehensive Fund Placement
active, full-service marketing of offshore funds to Japanese investors

Global Fund Bank
digital data rooms for capital introduction to Japanese investors

Customized Distribution Solutions
innovative offering of unbundled marketing and regulatory support services to asset managers

Teneo Partners is a fully licensed securities company, registered with the Japan Financial Services Agency as a Financial Instruments Business Operator, authorized to engage in the business of Type 1 Financial Instruments (corporate or trust structures) and Type 2 Financial Instruments (partnership structures). We work with asset managers across all asset classes and categories.

Our business plan as submitted and approved by the Kanto Finance Bureau of the Financial Services Agency permits us to market all manner of fund products to all investor categories including, and without limitation to, financial institutions, pensions, corporates, endowments, individual investors, intermediaries and gatekeepers.

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