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Cross Border Fund Marketing


Who we are?

Teneo Partners is a fund placement agent
and consultant to asset managers. We work with traditional mutual funds as well as hedge funds, CTAs, private equity, real estate and infrastructure funds.

We specialize in the Japanese market.


Teneo Advantage


  • Teneo Partners celebrated its 15th anniversary in December of 2018. There are only a few independent, foreign owned boutique Financial Instruments Business Operators that are fully authorized like Teneo. Even fewer have our longevity and fewer still that have the expertise to cover all investor segments and focus exclusively on fund marketing.

  • Over the years we have developed an extensive network of contacts among the financial institutions in Japan and have achieved a strong reputation and name recognition within the industry.

  • Our professionals bring a wealth of experience across each of the investor segments giving Teneo the ability to penetrate each of them effectively.



  • Teneo Partners is majority-owned by the founders and executives who run the day to day business of the firm.

  • We do not have financial or equity ties to any bank, insurance company, investment firm or financial group. This allows us to search for the best possible sales channels regardless of the affiliation of the investor, gatekeeper or distributor that we may choose to work with.

  • This also precludes any conflict of interest in terms of selecting the best asset management partners to represent.

  • This freedom enables us to offer an open architecture for both fund selection and fund marketing.


Culturally Blended Team

  • Unlike many other placement agents in Tokyo that are comprised of teams which are predominately staffed by either foreigners or Japanese nationals, Teneo Partners has a balanced and bi-cultural team.

  • We understand both the Japanese and Western approach to developing and managing business relationships. This means we can read the nuances that are frequently missed by both the offshore manager and the Japanese investor. As a result, we are more readily able to bridge the communication gap and produce more effective marketing results.

  • Our team of native English speakers help to streamline the interaction with offshore managers, raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the communication.

  • At the core of our marketing team are experienced Japanese salespeople who excel in maneuvering within Japanese organizations, maximizing our impact within those organizations.


Exclusive Funds on Funds

  • Although as a Type 1 and Type 2 Financial Instruments Business Operator we are licensed to deal in a wide range of securities, our exclusive focus is on the marketing of funds. Unlike many of our competitors who have turned to other lines of businesses to augment their income streams, we have a singular activity and purpose.



  • With sixteen employees, we are one of the largest specialist marketers of funds in Tokyo. We have the resources necessary to meet our clients’ needs but are also flexible enough to be nimble and able to customize our offering to meet the needs of each asset manager client.

  • Because Teneo Partners is managed by its owners, we are unencumbered by extensive organizational decision-making processes and the constraints of a large organization. We are very flexible when it comes to offering customized and innovative services for marketing funds in Japan.


Licensing & compliance

  • The importance of our securities licenses, the like of which are generally held by much larger global financial organizations or purely domestic broker-dealers, cannot be overstated. The fact that we hold both the Type-1 and Type-2 business licenses separates us from most all ofthe offshore fund placement agents in the Japan marketplace.

  • Teneo Partners is a compliance driven organization and we foster a culture of superior corporate governance. There are two compliance professionals within our team of sixteen, one of whom was the Compliance Director at Shinko Asset Management, one of the predecessor companies to Asset Management One, the largest asset management and mutual fund company in Japan.