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Who we are?

Teneo Partners is a fund placement agent
and consultant to asset managers. We work with traditional mutual funds as well as hedge funds, CTAs, private equity, real estate and infrastructure funds.

We specialize in the Asia Pacific region with a particularly strong presence in the Japanese market



Teneo Partners Japan Limited
Hulic Nishi-Ginza Bldg. 6F
2-2-4 Ginza,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 106-0041 Japan
Registered with the Financial Services Agency
License Number 2315


Teneo Partners Singapore Private Limited
#05-02 MYP Plaza
135 Cecil Street, Singapore 069536
Corporate Registration number 200613636W


Teneo Partners (Australia) Pty Limited
Level 14, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
Registration number ABN73113172893
Authorized Corporate Representative (No. 286791)


Japan Market Services

The Japanese market presents a unique set of issues, problems and obstacles for asset managers as they attempt to access the market and secure investments for their fund products. The marketing of securities in Japan is one of the most heavily regulated areas of Japanese law and the regulators have shown an increasing interest on this type of activity.

As an independent boutique entity, Teneo Partners is uniquely positioned to offer innovative services, marketing and structural solutions to asset managers who are looking for ways to penetrate the market and navigate the increasingly difficult regulatory landscape of Japan. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients so that we provide them with the support that they need at each level of the distribution process.

Complete Placement Agent Services

Teneo Partners offers a proven, full turn-key placement solution for asset managers; those who are partners in our enterprise. Over the last few years Teneo Partners has placed and brokered nearly three billion dollars of fund products in Japan.

The principals are fluent in Japanese and have spent their careers in Japan. Together with the seasoned Japanese professionals in our team, we have extensive institutional sales backgrounds and long standing relationships with many of the key decision makers in financial institutions. Due to the complete range of our broker-dealer registration, we can offer our clientele the security of working with a firm that is fully compliant with Japanese securities regulations.

We work with a select group of asset managers, assisting them through each step of the capital raising process including pre-marketing advice, fund sales, local support and after-sales service.

Unbundled Services

We find that many managers require assistance in Japan but do not necessarily need the full complement of support services included in our turn-key service. Moreover, the heightened regulatory environment has increased the need for asset managers to be more diligent about complying with local securities regulations. We are aware that every client has their own needs and requirements. Consequently we offer a suite of unbundled, customized services that can be crafted to meet the specific needs of each client.

We tailor our pricing according to the unique set of services that we structure for individual asset managers. A sample but not exhaustive list of services we offer are:

“Chaperone” Services for Investor Meetings – In its capacity as the Japan distributor of a fund, Teneo Partners can attend investor meetings with representatives of asset managers coming to Japan for product presentations. This meets the Japanese regulatory requirement that only a registered distributor engage in the sale of securities to a Japan client.

Mailing of Monthly Updates and Reports – There is a high risk that any report showing performance data of a fund will be deemed by the Japanese regulator as the “solicitation of securities” which is a registered business activity under Japanese law and may only be distributed by registered securities firms. As a registered securities firm in Japan, Teneo Partners can mail soft copies or hard copies of reports directly to potential investors.

Translation and Editing of Presentation Materials – Preparing presentation materials for the Japanese market is not just a matter of translating the text. Maximizing effectiveness often requires adjustments to the presentation itself and the elaboration of certain concepts. Teneo Partners can apply its knowledge of the market and investors to assist with the translation or editing of marketing material.

Market Assessment and Surveys – Gauging investor interest in investment strategies is critical prior to making any marketing commitment to Japan. Teneo Partners provides market assessment and investor survey services in order to determine the interest and appetite among the various market segments for the strategy and investment approach employed by an asset manager. We assist asset managers with a progression of services from initial assessments to exploratory marketing visits to sales and marketing plan implementation.

Housing Services

Teneo Partners offers our asset manager clientele the option of housing dedicated marketing personnel within the Tokyo office for the purpose of establishing a business foothold in Japan or for growing an already existing business in Japan.

Our housing program provides an extremely cost efficient way for asset managers to have dedicated sales staff approved by the asset manager in Tokyo working within a fully regulated and compliant broker-dealer entity. The salespeople housed within Teneo Partners are exclusively committed to the products offered by the asset manager and they are fully accountable for the business of the asset manager. We work together with our fund manager clientele to identify and hire the sales professionals who will be representing them within Teneo Partners’ infrastructure. These may be Japanese nationals or other professionals coming to Japan for the purpose of growing the business.