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Cross Border Fund Marketing


Who we are?

Teneo Partners is a fund placement agent
and consultant to asset managers. We work with traditional mutual funds as well as hedge funds, CTAs, private equity, real estate and infrastructure funds.

We specialize in the Japanese market.


Fund Placement

Embedded in our DNA is the traditional third-party fund placement offering wherein Teneo Partners functions as a licensed fund distribution partner in Japan. Together with the asset manager, we build a marketing strategy, canvas the market for potential investors, facilitate roadshows, organize seminars, and conduct sales calls. After closing, Teneo Partners provides ongoing assistance with investor relations in order to meet the full servicing support required by all Japanese investors. This full turn-key Fund Placement offering has always been structured as a success-based fee model, sharing in a percentage of the fees generated from the investment flows from Japan into your fund. In this way, our interests stay aligned with our asset manager clientele.

Unbundled Marketing Services

Teneo Partners recognizes that whilst many managers require assistance covering the Japanese market, somethey do not necessarily need the full complement of support included in our turn-key placement service. However, the heightened regulatory environment has increased the need for asset managers to be more diligent about complying with local securities regulations. We are cognizant of and sensitive to the fact that every client has their own needs and requirements. Consequently, we offer a suite of unbundled, customized services that can be crafted to meet the specific needs of each client. Our clients can rely on our full regulatory coverage at any level of service.

We tailor our pricing according to the unique set of services that we structure for individual asset managers. A sample, non-exhaustive list of services we offer includes:

  • Document Distribution and Investor Meeting Chaperone Service
  • Article 63 Representative Office Service
  • Road Show and Seminar Services
  • Housing Service

Market Entry Program

Teneo offers a program that is designed to support asset managers who wish to promote their funds in Japan, build brand awareness, and develop initial or early stage market entry strategies. This cost effective, multi-stage program is an excellent way to initially gauge the level of institutional investor interest and subsequently gain further access to the markets.

We  created this capital-introduction style program for those managers who are either targeting the Japanese investor market for the first time, re-establishing relationships after an absence from the market or looking to expand their marketing reach.

Teneo’s Market Entry Platform consists of a three-stage program for penetrating the institutional investor base and developing the market in Japan.

The initial stage is our fund information portal or data room offering. It involves the creation of a one-page Japanese language summary of the fund which Teneo produces and distribute to a specified list of institutional investors. Detailed information concerning the asset management firm and the fund is be provided separately via our password protected online portal that investors can access at their convenience.

The second stage consists of the planning and organization of roadshows in Tokyo. When a sufficient number of institutions indicate an interest in a particular strategy or fund, we  assist the manager by setting up one-on-one meetings as well as small scale seminars for targeted audiences.

Stage three involves the active marketing of an asset manager and their fund in Japan. Once we identify a path for managers to raise assets from Japanese financial institutions, pensions or intermediaries, we  create a marketing plan to move from interest to investment.