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Cross Border Fund Marketing


Who we are?

Teneo Partners is a fund placement agent
and consultant to asset managers. We work with traditional mutual funds as well as hedge funds, CTAs, private equity, real estate and infrastructure funds.

We specialize in the Japanese market.


Conceived by veteran marketers of fund products in Tokyo, Teneo Partners Limited grew out of a recognized need for a regulatory compliant platform that would be comprehensive yet flexible enough to provide customized services sought by asset managers looking to successfully penetrate the investor market in Japan. Teneo Partners is uniquely positioned to offer innovative marketing, service and structural solutions to those asset managers who are seeking to profit from the capital raising opportunities in the region.

Teneo Partners strives to be the premier cross border fund marketing firm for Japan. Our goal is to become a principal conduit between investors and managers throughout the world. We will represent the best asset managers globally and through our understanding of the local investors, help them match their product offerings to the needs of the investing customer segments.

We are aware that each asset manager has a unique set of needs and requirements. Consequently, in addition to our traditional placement agent service, we also offer a full complement of unbundled services, allowing our asset management clients to select only those services that they need to help them achieve their objectives. For those looking to place a team in the region, we can provide an offering that includes housing teams in our office on a temporary or full time basis.

Our name is taken from the Latin word “teneo” which means to hold, maintain, persevere, possess or master. It is the root for the English word tenacity which is defined as “to be very determined” or “persistent in maintaining”. Our objective has always been to persevere through various investment climates and to be able to maintain the commitment and relationships that we have with our clients throughout both good times and difficult times. Teneo reflects our desire for a valuable and long term association with our asset managers and our investors.